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March 4, 2020

Episode 457: The Big Dig (1969)

Special Guest: Rafi Kishon
Guest Co-Hosts: Maurice Bursztynski, Yaniv Eidelstein

Our appreciation of 1969 continues with a look at The Big Dig. Also known as The Blaumilch Canal, the film was written and directed by Ephraim Kishon and stars Bomba Tzur as the titular Blaumilch, an escaped mental patient with a mania for digging. When he finds a jack hammer in downtown Tel Aviv he kicks off a chain of events that demonstrates the absurdity of bureaucracy.

Yaniv Eidelstein and Maurice Bursztynski join Mike to discuss this delightful Israeli film as well as other entries in Kishon's filmography. Special guest Rafi Kishon recounts growing up with his father's work.

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בלדה לאיש הפשוט - Edna Goren
דוגי-דיג - Edna Goren


Blaumilch English preview from Yaniv Eidelstein on Vimeo.

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