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October 18, 2016

Episode 293: Martyrs (2008)

Guest Co-Hosts: Alexandra West, Elric Kane

On this Shocktober episode, the subject of "New French Extremity" films are under discussion, specifically Pascal Laugier's Martyrs (2008).

Alexandra West, co-host of The Faculty of Horror podcast (and author of Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity) and Elric Kane of the Shock Waves podcast join Mike to discuss 's film along with the 2015 remake.

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Buy Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity by Alexandra West
Read Fille Finale: The Final Girl in New French Extremity by Alexandra West
Read FLESH & BLOOD: SEX AND VIOLENCE IN RECENT FRENCH CINEMA by James Quandt (Subscription Required)
Hear more of Elric Kane on Killer POV

"Martyr" - Depeche Mode
"God Is In The House" - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds



  1. I hate "Martyrs". There are few thing worse to watch than a pretentious torture porn. If you want to see a harrowing "love story" set in a (CIA-inspired) torture dungeon, please watch "Garage Olimpo".

  2. Hey, thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the episode! Even when we are talking about movies that may or may not be a person's particular cup of tea, I hope that you'll agree that we bring some interesting discussion about the film to your ears.

  3. Oh, that goes without saying! From all movie podcasts I know yours has by far the most in-depth discussions (even if the movie itself lacks depth). I liked the discussion about "Martyrs" very much. Unfortunately, I also saw the movie.

  4. Totally agree with Nechi: this film was a let down & it's depressing that so many horror kids seem to have settled for it. I watched the 'making of' before hand & the director was so deluded... I kept thinking - 'your film better be good after all your suedo-arty BS'

  5. I like this film a lot. Probably for the reasons everyone else hates it here. It is basically just suffering and a bit of shock. However I think it does it to such a degree that it's actually a grueling and affecting watch. It sticks with me when I watch which for me is a sign that it achieved what it was going for.

  6. Anther great show. I listened to some FoH shows after this episode. I thought the shows were o . k . But I was singularly unimpressed when I listened to their Night o/t Hunter show and made exactly zero mention of Lillian Gish. None. Not one time. That was just mystifying.