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October 16, 2016

Special Report: Killer Party (1986)

Special Guest: Barney Cohen
Guest Co-Hosts: Jim Laczkowski, Kat Ellinger

On this Shocktober special, Kat Ellinger of the Daughters of Darkness podcast and Jim Laczkowski of the Directors Club podcast (among others) join Mike to discuss the 1986 horror comedy from director William Fruet, Killer Party in which a trio of young women (Elaine Wilkes, Joanna Johnson, Alicia Fleer) rush a sorority with horrific results including hazing, murder, and demonic possession.

Writer talks about Killer Party, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and the unmade Spiderman film.

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"April" - White Sister
"Give It Up" - KC & The Sunshine Band
"Best Times" - Alan Brackett and Scott Shelly



  1. KILLER PARTY on TCM 11/27, 3:15 AM on TCM Underground.

  2. These two guests need to come back on the show again. What a joy to listen to them both! Definitely ask them back ASAP.

  3. I like this movie and tried to find “I lose it song” but anything, only know the writters Shelly Scott and Alan Bracket