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June 21, 2011

Episode 16: Robocop (1987)

Episode 16: Robocop (1987) Special Guests: Nancy Allen, Ronny Cox, Miguel Ferrer, Monte Hellman, Michael Miner, Ed Naha, Ed Neumeier, & Jerry Paffendorf

Mike & Mondo Justin hit the streets of Old Detroit in search of our city's savior, Robocop. In this super ultra deluxe edition of The Projection Booth we discuss this landmark film and chat with many of the folks involved in both its production and in its aftermath including Jerry Paffendorf of DetroitNeedsRobocop.com.

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Bonus Interview: Miguel Ferrer

Robocop 2 Discussion

Robocop Music Mix:

Download the Robocop Music Mix.

Robocop Theme - Basil Poledouris
Don't Worry Baby - Keith Moon
Milkbone Underwear - Ronny Cox
Robocop Theme - Nintendo 8-bit version
Robocop (Who R U?) - B.O.S.E
OCP - Gama Bomb
Robocop - Sleaze Boyz
Murphy's Law - Priestess
Respect - Aretha Franklin
Robocop: Streets of Detroit - Shiryu
Murphy, It's You - Al & Jon Kaplan


RoboCop: The Musical - "Murphy, It's You" (Peter Weller) from Jon and Al on Vimeo.

Our RoboCop Remake - (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.


  1. Im amazed about how much this blog rocks, im speechless, this RoboCop program was amazing, Phantom of the Paradise also.. im gonna listen to them all....
    I don't know, just thank you so much for this amazing blog, which i discovered googleing for the great Mitch O COnnell art...
    Cheers from Buenos Aires. And thanks again.

  2. Might I second the vote for an episode devoted to the Last Starfighter, I've probably watched that movie more times than I'd care to count, and it's never grown old for me. A guilty pleasure, but not as guilty as Remo Williams...

  3. Interesting how Neumeier never mentions he was working on a Judge Dredd adaptation before RoboCop. RoboCop, the tone, the satire all came from Judge Dredd the comic character in 2000AD, Neumeier didn't just think it all up by himself.

  4. One of the show's classic 'mega-sodes.' Mike White and Justin take a look back at one of Detroit's silver screen icons, the inimitable Robocop (where is he when you need him?)

    They rounded up seemingly everyone involved in the Robocop universe they could conceivably get their hands on. This was the point in the show's run where it became apparent that The Projection Booth were producing the podcast equivalents of DVD bonus featurettes and cinementaries (albeit for far less money.)

    Required listening.

  5. Dale Dye was also the military consultant on Spielbergs Medal of Honor games.

  6. Any chance you still have the RoboCop 2: Corporate Wars script? I tried the link on the page, and it just brings me to a blank page link.

    1. No, sorry. You may need to head to the Googles.