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March 9, 2020

Special Report: Ego Fest IX

Special Guest: Andrea White
Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain

Heather Drain joins Mike to take listener questions, rail against the Rondos, and give a peek behind the podcast curtain as we celebrate nine years of The Projection Booth.

Learn all about acromegaly, Robert Wuhl's xenophobia, and upcoming screenings of Icepick to the Moon.

Huge thanks to all of our Patreon donors!

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Buy The Bizarro Encyclopedia of Film Volume 1 by John Skipp & Heather Drain
Come out and see Icepick to the Moon!
Read Cultural Details You Missed in Parasite by ZenKimchi
Read the Ronnie Rocket and One Saliva Bubble screenplays by David Lynch
Hear more of Heather Drain on the Hell's Belles podcast
Listen to our Holy Mountain episode

"Parasite" - KISS
"Making Time" - The Creation
"PPAP" - Pikotaro


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