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June 19, 2012

Episode 68: Raw Talent (1984)

The Projection Booth; Episode 68: Raw TalentSpecial Guests: Joyce Snyder, Larry Revene, Jerry Butler

Warning: This podcast contains subliminal suggestions not audible to the average human ear that may result in a state of extreme sexual arousal. The producers accept no responsibility for listener sexual behavior which may result from these messages.

We're looking at the Raw Talent, the story of a struggling actor (Jerry Butler) who ends up in the world of adult film, manipulated by an underhanded female director (Lisa DeLeeuw). Raw Talent is the first entry in a trilogy that lampoons the industry. It combines wit and style with eroticism and kung-fu.

Stopping by the Projection Booth is Toronto's very own Dion Conflict who guarantees that you'll never look at a turkey sandwich the same way again.

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  1. Awesome episode, guys! Probably my fave one, yet. Keep up the great work.

    I have yet to see the sequels, but the original RAW TALENT is a real fave.

  2. Excellent Podcast. Loved all the interviews. Gave great insight into how adult films were made in the eighties. May I suggest "Passage Thru Pamela" (1985) as a possible future topic for your podcast? This film is about a model from Argentina who takes NYC by storm, but has a 'shocking secret'!

  3. I can listen to Jerry Butler talk all day long!

  4. Request: Have him do the show again, you are good together and a podcast with him on a regular basis would be awesome. I have a list of questions about his book and life -- I like the comparisons about life before and after 2000. He has some amazing stuff in his book - what didn't get in the book? The way he puts words together is impressive, "Porn is like a swimming pool - you can dive in, but you can't dive out"