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February 26, 2020

Episode 456: Fuego! (1969)

Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Rod Lott

Our exploration of 1969 continues this week as we head from Europe to Argentina to check out Armando Bo's Fuego. It’s the story of Laura who’s played by the one and only Isabel Sarli. She is a woman driven by her passions. After she marries Carlos (Bo), she realizes what a hopeless nymphomaniac she is.

Heather Drain and Rod Lott join Mike to talk about the film and Sarli, a South American firecracker.

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"Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town" - Kenny Rogers



  1. Man, when I heard John Waters I knew we're going for a ride. You all pretty much are glorifying a mediocre movie, actor, actress (wify), director who only merit was THE BOOBS. And plis, stop using The Simpsons as a valid historic reference, is a comedy my friends: JD Perón run Argentina 1946-1955, even before the cosmic duo begun filling the silver screen with seventh "art", then for a short period of 1973-1975. Read a book, and watch some korean cinema.

  2. I do not think I have this movie {yet}. But, in the era when I first discovered the Something Weird Video catalog, the description of this movie pushed the correct buttons that it stuck in my memory. Especially since our indoor soccer team's star player [| drawing card] was from Argentina.
    So, at a low point of the team's operation in 1995, when said player had to be traded away to Detroit because the indoor soccer League was not going to fulfill his contract, a home game in Rosemont versus Detroit somehow had Isabel Sarli's name inserted into the "Notes" to denote his performance that night (We lost to Detroit.).