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August 10, 2020

Special Report: Suzi Q (2019)

Special Guests: Suzi Quatro, Liam Firmager, Tait Brady
Guest Co-Hosts: Maurice Bursztynski, Leon Chase

In a special cross-over with the See/Hear Podcast, we're discussing Suzi Q (2019), a documentary from Liam Firmager about Detroit's own Suzi Quatro, who left the States early in her career and became more of a rock star in the UK and Australia while not charting as high as she should in her home country. She became known more in the U.S. thanks to her many appearances on Happy Days as the character Leather Tuscadero. The film looks at her career overall, showing what a wild ride it’s been.

Leon Chase and Maurice Bursztynski join Mike to talk about the documentary, Quatro, and more.

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Visit the official Suzi Q website
Visit the official Suzi Quatro website

"Gotta Get Away" - The Pleasure Seekers
"Girl From Detroit City" - Suqi Quatro
"Can the Can' - Suzi Quatro
"Devil Gate Drive" - Suzi Quatro
"Daytona Demon" - Suzi Quatro


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