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August 5, 2020

Episode 479: Runaway (1984)

Guest Co-Hosts: Carol Borden, Josh Stewart

We are looking at the 1984 film from writer/director Michael Crichton, Runaway. It’s the tale of Jack Ramsay (Tom Selleck) a member of the Runaway unit who takes care of errant robots. He’s a single dad with a son and a robot at home and a new partner on his team, Karen Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes). He’s put on a case which leads him to the dastardly Luther (Gene Simmons).

Carol Borden (The Cultural Gutter) and Josh Stewart join Mike to discuss this quasi-futuristic tale.

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"Runaway" - Dion and the Belmonts
"Smalltown Boy" - Bronski Beat
"Runway" - Bon Jovi


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