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September 8, 2019

Special Report: More American Graffiti (1979)

Special Guests: Bill Norton, Candy Clark Willard Huyck
Guest Co-Hosts: Terry Frost, Trevor Gumbel

Released in 1979, Bill Norton's More American Graffiti reunites most of the original cast of George Lucas's 1973 film (save Richard Dreyfus). Rather than looking at a single night, the film spans four New Years Eves across the lives of five main characters.

00:02:08: Terry Frost and Trevor Gumbel join Mike to discuss American Graffiti and More American Graffiti.

00:45:55: Writer/Director Bill Norton
01:26:43: Actress Candy Clark
01:51:11: Co-writer of American Graffiti

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Buy More American Graffiti on Blu-Ray
Buy American Graffiti on Blu-Ray

"Season of he Witch" - Donovan
"96 Tears" - ? and the Mysterians
"Hang on Sloopy" - The McCoys
"Pipeline" - The Chantays


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  1. Thanks for this episode! “More American Graffiti” has always fascinated me. A little because it was hard to see before it finally came out on VHS, and a little because it was so audacious in structure and style.
    I listened with interest as you discussed the way the sequel kept true to thre original epilogue and Trevor thinking they might be doing a “retcon.” The truth is, there was a retcon. In an early sign of the tinkering George Lucas would become notorious for, he used his new found “Star Wars” fame to get scenes he was forced to cut from “American Graffiti” reinstated for a 1978 re-release. With plans for the sequel underway at that time, the epilogue was quietly updated to fit the new timeline. Instead of being killed by a drunk driver in June 1964, he was now killed in December 1964. Members of the originaltrilogy.com site turned up an image from (I think) a 16mm print of the original version to confirm it.