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July 26, 2016

Episode 281: The First Nudie Musical (1976)

Special Guest: Bruce Kimmel
Guest Co-Host: Angela Mac, Trevor Gumbel

Released in 1976, The First Nudie Musical stars Stephen Nathan as Harry Schecther, a down on his luck filmmaker who's reluctantly entered the world of pornography to keep his father’s studio solvent. He gets the bright idea to shoot a musical and, at the behest of his backers, a nudie musical at that. With the help of his assistant, Rosie (Cindy Williams) and without the help of the wet-behind-the-ears director foisted upon him, John Smithee (writer/co-director Bruce Kimmel), we see the production of Come, Come Now the titular first nudie musical.

Angela Mac and Trevor Gumbel join Mike to discuss this fun-filled film.

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"Orgasm" - Soundtrack
"Dancing Dildos" - Soundtrack


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