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April 4, 2012

Episode 57: Night Dreams (1981)

Special Guest: Susie Bright

An avant-garde adult film, Night Dreams (AKA Nightdreams) shows the erotic fantasies of Mrs. Van Houten (Dorothy La May) in nightmarish detail. Directed by F.X. Pope (Francis Delia), the film was written by .

We should note that Stephen Sayadian's Dr. Caligari also concerns a Mrs. Van Houten, also a nymphomanical housewife, and pairs well with this film as does Michael Ninn's Shock and Latex.

Josh Hadley of the Lost in the Static, RadioDrome, & What the F*ck podcasts steps into the Projection Booth and, we've been PODCRASHED by Chris Gore!

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  1. Thanks for a fine podcast! I hope you can do more classic adult films in the future; this one (and the Raw Talent podcast) were informative with great interviews.

    Bit of trivia: Rinse Dream (Sayadian) has a memorable cameo playing the sax-playing slice of Wonder Bread in the 'Cream of Wheat' sequence!

  2. I just watched this for the first time, and I'm quite impressed overall. It's got a much stronger visual style than most other adult films, and Dorothy LeMay is actually quite good at portraying Mrs Van Houten's mania. Here's a video from last month of Stephen Sayadian introducing a screening of the film in France. Sadly, all 35mm prints of the film are lost, so keep an eye out, okay?