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April 11, 2012

Episode 58: An Honest Liar (2014)

Special Guests: Justin Weinstein & Tyler Measom

The Amazing Randi has made a career out of outing charlatans and injecting a needed dose of rational thinking to an irrational world. Now he's the subject of a new documentary, An Honest Liar.

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  1. Just re-listened to the "An Honest Liar" recording. The denigrating
    statements about the Challenger who talks to GOD is me. I find the statements defamatory.
    Please remove that segment of the recording, other wise, I will have to take
    legal action.

    George R. Simpson

    1. I'm still waiting for your lawyer to contact us.

  2. Well done, guys! Can't wait to see the film.

  3. Just heard your interview with the filmmakers of "An Honest Liar". Not very honest. The filmmakers have spent months of shooting that "flimflam" artist, and they haven't talked to any of his detractors. My feeling is that Randi is a phony.

    There is a GOD, I will prove it even if I have to do it in Federal Court – suing Randi for Fraud and Misrepresentation.

    Your filmmakers are great exaggerators Tyler Measom told me that Randi had said that he gets "hundreds" of applicants a month.

    As far as I can tell, Randi hasn't entertained a "Challenge" in three years. The one he has on hold, "DowserDan" was discussed on a thread on Randi.org – no longer actively discussed.

    A thread appeared on my challenge, and was turned off after 3 days of discussion then taken off the website entirely.

    Critical Thinking -- he has no Idea what that is. He doesn't know science. For him to be the self appointed champion of the scientific approach is comical. And the filmmakers don't know science.

    Randi won't accept my challenge because he knows he can't win. Once he loses is $1Million -- he loses his reason for being. A just deserve for someone who has done the same to others.

    James Randi runs a church. The church of the Atheist. What kind of person wouldn’t believe there is a GOD?

    Someone who hasn’t looked around him, and noticed all the wonders.

    Shame on you guys for promoting that documentary.

    George R. Simpson


    1. Um, George? I believe in God, and I think you're full of baloney. First off, neither you nor your organization are mentioned by name in the podcast, so I don't think you've got a legal leg to stand on there. How do you know that you're the only challenger of Randi's that "talks to God"? Sounds kind of arrogant to me. Secondly, I read that thread - all 10 PAGES of it - and I think DowserDon's objections were fairly well addressed by the folks on the forum. And, as was pointed out several times, the forum and the JREF are two separate entities. So if DowserDon (or anyone else) still has a grievance, he needs to go to the JREF and not the forum.

      I also fail to see how suing Randi in federal court is going to prove the existence of God. The existence of God cannot be proven, in a court of law or anywhere else. That's why it's called "faith."

    2. Marisa:
      You say I am full of baloney -- yet you haven't cked out the 10,000 Plus translations on my websites. The trail of comments on the Facebook page of "An Honest Liar" -- and discovery in Court should prove that I was the one being talked about. "Arrogant" -- I will prove otherwise. What's really "Arrogant" is someone like Randi saying there is no GOD. I have a grievance with JREF. They are afraid to entertain my challenge. That's why I will probably have to sue for it. In some states (Florida is one), the penalty for Fraud is treble damages. That would be $3Million. Randi only has $1Million. You think the Forum and JREF are separate entities? I believe the Courts will say otherwise.

  4. I would hate for Randi's treble to be damaged. If his bass is still okay, I guess it's all right.

  5. So, "critical thinking" means suing Randi to prove there is a God? I see that Randi's enemies are the most entertaining people one could meet.

  6. Dear George R Simpson. You are a deluded psycho. Now, that's defamatory!

  7. So, I've just seen this on BBC iPlayer last night, and listened to the podcast today. The film was every bit as fascinating as you anticipated, perhaps more so for me as although I think I'm about the same age/slightly older than you, being from the UK (or maybe just not paying attention) I knew nothing of Randi before this. I wonder what you thought of it once you got to see it?

    I did of course know about Uri Gellar at the time, and knew about the whole faith healer movement that makes the US look so funny/scary to outsiders. I had no idea though about Randi's role in challenging them. The section on having 'moles' in the paranormal research lab who managed to fool the researchers was just pure genius.

    I am now a committed fan of James Randi. I'm off to track down that episode of Happy Days - I was also a fan of that so maybe saw him there, but he didn't register with me if I did. Meanwhile, this is his TED talk. Brilliant man.