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December 20, 2019

2019 Year End Wrap-Up

It's time for our annual wrap-up of the year. The highlights, lowlight and a music mix to hopefully help you spend your time if you happen to be dashing to Grandmother's house through the ice and snow.

Most Downloaded Episodes:

  1. Episode 415: The Mad Max Series
  2. Episode 418: Total Recall (1990)
  3. Episode 397: Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
  4. Special Report: The Fly (1986)
  5. Episode 406: Body Double (1984)
  6. Episode 423: Annihilation (2018)
  7. Episode 419: Minority Report (2002)
  8. Episode 426: Solaris (1972)
  9. Episode 410: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
  10. Special Report: Solo - A Star Wars Story (2018)

Least Downloaded Episodes:

  1. Episode 436: Fade to Black (1980)
  2. Episode 409: Heaven (1998)
  3. Special Report: Messiah of Evil (1973)
  4. Episode 439: Dead Heat (1988)
  5. Episode 440: The Big Combo (1955)
  6. Episode 446: Millennium (1989)
  7. Episode 445: Creation of the Humanoids (1960
  8. Episode 447: Kin-Dza-Dza (1986)
  9. Episode 441: The Reckless Moment (1949)
  10. Episode 434: Shop on Main Street (1965)

Special Reports 2019:

Music Mix:

Collecting some songs that were used in episodes or inspired by the movies being discussed, enjoy this eclectic mix of music.

2019 Music Mix Track Listing
Big Trouble in Little ChinaThe Coupe de VillesBig Trouble in Little China
Trouble In ParadiseThe CrestsTrouble in Paradise
To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) Mel BrooksTo Be or Not To Be
Bring Me EdelweissEdelweissIt Happened Here
Hava NagilaDick Dale & His Del-TonesPlump Fiction
Cheese And OnionsThe RutlesThe Rutles: All You Need is Cash
Just An IllusionImaginationF/X
Rollin' With Kid 'N PlayKid 'n PlayHouse Party
Ain't My Type Of HypeFull ForceHouse Party
Skate DancerVinzerelliGet Rollin'
Trouble ManMarvin GayeTrouble Man
SuperflyCurtis MayfieldSuperFly
RelaxFrankie Goes To HollywoodBody Double
Human FlyThe CrampsThe Fly
Genius From The Waist DownThe LovemastersMe & Him
Scentless ApprenticeNirvanaPerfume: The Story of a Murder
Hey Man Nice ShotFilterHeaven
Power HouseSpike JonesWho Framed Roger Rabbit
B Gas RickshawJan & DeanAmerican Tiger
High MoonStar OneOutland
Sky HighJigsawKulturecast Ozploitation Month
A Man and A TrainMarty RobbinsEmperor of the North Pole
Minority ReportLos StraitjacketsMinority Report
Chick HabitApril MarchBut I'm a Cheerleader
Helplessly HopingCrosby Stills & NashAnnihilation
I Am LegendWhite ZombieThe Omega Man
Han SoloMC ChrisSolo: A Star Wars Story
See You In SeptemberThe TemposThe End of August at the Ozone Hotel
96 Tears? and the MysteriansMore American Graffiti
Laugh, LaughBeau BrummelsThe Joke
The Dead Don't DieSturgill SimpsonWorld War Z
The Killing MoonEcho & The BunnymenWolfen
Flying DreamsJerry Goldsmith & Paul WilliamsThe Secret of NIMH
All I Want Is LoveRobbie BensonDie Laughing
Tryin' To Kill A Saturday NightKeaneMcBeardo's Teenage Movie Hell
You're So StrangeThe ZippersFade to Black
No One Lives ForeverOingo BoingoDead Heat
Another State of MindGreen DayAnother State of Mind
The Robots KraftwerkCreation of the Humanoids
Blue BayouRoy OrbisonThe Man Who Fell to Earth
Total Recall End ThemeBasil PoledourisTotal Recall
BelladonnaMasahiko SatohBelladonna of Sadness
Daughters Of Darkness OpeningFrançois de RoubaixDaughters of Darkness
Jesus Christ SuperstarTerry WallaceThe Passover Plot
In The Hall Of The Mountain KingElectric Light OrchestraM
Main Title and Colwyn's ArrivalJames HornerKrull
Road Warrior End TitleBrian MayThe Mad Max Series
The Shop on Main StreetPrague Symphony Orchestra, Libor PešekThe Shop of Main Street
Prelude (film version)/First SceneMiklos RozsaDouble Indemnity
Theme From The ConversationDavid ShireThe Conversation
Main Theme From Kin-Dza-DzaAndrei PushkarevKin Dza-Dza
Rosemary's Baby Vs Drunken ButterflyGamma RayRosemary's Baby

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