September 8, 2019

Special Report: More American Graffiti (1979)

Special Guests: Bill Norton, Candy Clark Willard Huyck
Guest Co-Hosts: Terry Frost, Trevor Gumbel

Released in 1979, Bill Norton's More American Graffiti reunites most of the original cast of George Lucas's 1973 film (save Richard Dreyfus). Rather than looking at a single night, the film spans four New Years Eves across the lives of five main characters.

00:02:08: Terry Frost and Trevor Gumbel join Mike to discuss American Graffiti and More American Graffiti.

00:45:55: Writer/Director Bill Norton
01:26:43: Actress Candy Clark
01:51:11: Co-writer of American Graffiti

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Buy More American Graffiti on Blu-Ray
Buy American Graffiti on Blu-Ray

"Season of he Witch" - Donovan
"96 Tears" - ? and the Mysterians
"Hang on Sloopy" - The McCoys
"Pipeline" - The Chantays


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