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December 18, 2019

Episode 446: Millennium (1989)

Guest Co-Hosts: Chris Bricklemyer, Jedidiah Ayres

Sci-Fi December rolls along with a look at 1989’s Millennium. Directed by Michael Anderson and written by , the film stars Kris Kristofferson as an airline disaster investigator who stumbles onto something unexpected at the site of a mid-air collision. It will lead him into a tangled web of time-traveling shenanigans and a relationship with Louise Baltimore (Cheryl Ladd).

Chris Bricklemyer and Jedidiah Ayres join Mike to discuss the film, time travel, and creepy robots.

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"Traveler in Time" - Uriah Heep


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  1. I actually watched this on Sky Cinema (in the UK) on Y2K eve itself (look, I had just turned 13 and lived in a small village). I liked it as I was a sucker for this kind of Sci-Fi and time travel in particular.