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July 21, 2013

Guest Spots on Other Podcasts!

Over the past few weeks Rob and Mike have made a few guest appearances on other podcasts.

Gentlemen's Guide to Midnight Cinema #237 - Mike joins Big Willy to discuss Can't Stop the Music and Purple Rain. Download

Outside the Cinema #281 - Rob joins Bill By Force and Mr. Chris to talk about Evil Clutch and Hamburger: The Motion Picture. Listen.

Outside the Cinema #282 - Mike chats up God Made Man and Boxer's Omen with the OTC hosts. Listen.

Badasses, Boobs & Body Counts - Rob stops by to talk about Argento's Tenebre. Listen.

Badasses, Boobs & Body Counts - Mike follows up with a discussion of Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles. Listen.

The Cutting Room Movie Podcast - Mike stops by to discuss the whole Lianne Spiderbaby debacle. Listen.

All of these podcasts are available via iTunes as well. Stop on by. Subscribe. Give 'em some stars.

We'll keep you updated on future guest spots!

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