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July 16, 2013

Episode 123: Hackers (1995)

Special Guests: Renoly Santiago, Iain Softley

Hack the planet! We dive headlong into Iain Softley's 1995 film, Hackers, and explore how the film presents a candy-colored version of the nascent days of the world wide web.

We're joined by our old friend Josh Hadley to talk about cracking, hacking, and phreaking.

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  1. See, I had the opposite experience of this movie as you all. When I watched it as a teenager in the 90s I thought it was totally absurd for all the reasons you state in the podcast. But watching it today, what was once frustratingly inaccurate to a small subset of people who knew something about computers is now boldly obvious to almost everyone. It is essentially a fantasy visualization of the internet. And yes, it's a totally iconic time capsule of the 90s. Was it lazy screen writing to have such a fantastical depiction of the internet? I'd prefer to say it was a kind of 90s naivety of all things computers that only could have come out of that era. It's definitely similar to watching 70s and 80s sci-fi movies that are full of technology that are totally outdated or leepfrogged. It was a fantastical vision that was basically only possible in this one fleeting moment of time.