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July 24, 2012

Episode 72: Raw Force (1982)

The Projection Booth: Episode 72: Raw ForceSpecial Guest: Frank E. Johnson

Kung Fu, Cannibals, Zombie Samurais, topless girls, green gravediggers, and Adolph Hitler... That's just a start of what Edward D. Murphy's Raw Force has to offer.

We're joined this week by Mr. Bill By Force of Outside the Cinema.

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  1. After listening to this I had to go rent it at Thomas Video and see it for myself! It's everything one could hope for and more. I was particularly fond of the boat loudspeaker announcements in the early half of the film. Sometimes they were perfectly normal and other times they were just slightly odd. Kinda reminded me of the loudspeaker announcements in the Clamp building in Gremlins 2.

  2. The Foreign ViewerMay 2, 2016, 3:06:00 PM

    This was a nice (if short) transient PB show. I believe Rob had just landed his new co-host gig and Mr. Bill kept the banter going nicely. It's good to just let loose once in a while and put together a show about some obscure schlocky cult flick just for the hell of it. The interview was fun as well. I guess the mystery of the nazi-look-alike slaver in white won't be resolved anytime soon. As for the movie, the irony is that if this flick about a team of martial artists fighting zombies and cannibal monks while sleeping around had taken itself seriously, it probably would have been a bad ass martial arts/cannibal horror classic (like Massacre In Dinosaur Valley tried to be) or at least a triumphant failure like the Miami Connection. As your guest have said during the show - if only someone with both heart AND talent was behind the camera. More power to you if you like this mess, but I'd say - skip it. Anyway, here's a fun comedic review of the movie by one of my favorite online movie reviewers/comedians. If you've seen the trailer and you're still not sure whether or not you'd want to see the movie, check this out and your doubts will be gone (one way or the other).
    Brandon's Cult Movie Reviews: Raw Force
    And yes, the ludicrous island brochure issue comes up a lot.