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January 6, 2021

Episode 501: Evita (1996)

Special Guest: Sir Tim Rice
Guest Co-Hosts: Paul Mow, Todd Nathanson

We kick off Musical Month with a look at Alan Parker's Evita (1996). Based on the stage musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and , it's the story of Eva Duarte, a girl (Madonna) from the backwaters of Argentina who makes her way to Buenas Aires, climbing the social ladder until she ends up with Colonel Juan Peron (Jonathan Pryce) who soon becomes the country's fascist dictator.

Todd in the Shadows and Paul Mow join Mike to discuss the stage and screen versions while Sir Tim Rice discusses the versions of Evita that we almost saw in movie theaters.

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"Es El Pueblo" - Nelly Omar
"Down Thru' Summer" - Ross Hannaman
"Rainbow Tour" - Swedish Cast
"Don't Cry for Me Argentina" - The Mike Flowers Pops
"What's New, Buenas Aires?" - Evita: The Original Broadway Cast


"Queen of Hearts"(Evita Perón) (Documentary) from Carlos Pasini-Hansen on Vimeo.

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  1. Just listened to this - definitely remember the commercials for EVITA, which were numerous enough to warrant parody on SCTV: