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January 13, 2021

Episode 502: Hair (1979)

Special Guests: Michael Weller, Miles Chapin
Guest Co-Hosts: Gil Kenan, Lee Gambin

Gil Kenan and Lee Gambin join Mike to discuss Milos Forman's Hair (1979), an adaptation of the groundbreaking stage play from 1968. It’s the story of Berger (Treat Williams) and his friends who meet and interact with Claude Hooper Bukowski (John Savage), a hayseed who’s on his way to Vietnam by way of a trip to New York City to see the sights before heading off to war.

Special guests include actor Miles Chapin and screenwriter .

Listen/Download Now:

Bonus: Forman vs. Forman

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"Sodomy" - Original Movie Soundtrack
"Air" - Original Movie Soundtrack
"Ain't Got No" - Nina Simone
"Easy to be Hard" - Original Movie Soundtrack
"The Flesh Failures / Let the Sunshine In" - Original Movie Soundtrack


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