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May 3, 2016

Episode 269: The Dybbuk (1937)

Special Guest: Yossi Chajes
Guest Co-Host: Daniel Bird, John Walker

Based on Sholom Ansky's 1904 play, Michal Waszynski's 1937 Yiddish-language Polish film, The Dybbuk, tells the story of a broken promise and its consequences.

Joining Mike to discuss this expressionistic horror/romance film are movie scholar Daniel Bird and Movie Schmovie's John Walker. Special guest Yossi Chajes, author of Between Worlds, discusses Kabbalah and Dybbuks.

Listen / Download Now:

Buy The Dybbuk on Blu-Ray
Buy Between Worlds: Dybbuks, Exorcists, and Early Modern Judaism by J.H. Chajes
Buy Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film between Two Worlds by J. Hoberman
Visit Movie Schmovie to hear more John Walker
Listen to Rosemary Stretch at Bandcamp

"The Dybbuk" - Gackt
"Dybbuk Shers" - The Klezmatics


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