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October 19, 2014

Special Report: Ego Fest II

Rob and Mike answer your emails and voice mails on this special episode. Find out how The Projection Booth sausage is made and learn what Rob and Mike are up to outside of TPB like Rob's new book, Re-Entry: The Orbit Magazine Anthology, and Mike's Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection.

Thanks to @peybak for his rendition of Robohost!

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"The Most Beautiful Girl" - Lords of Acid
"Hang on to Your Ego" - The Beach Boys
"Hang on to Your Ego" - Frank Black

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"Re-Entry: The Orbit Magazine Anthology" Campaign Video from Rob St. Mary on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you for your in depth responses! Regarding my failed attempt at humor w/ The Faculty question...

    Episode 130- Body Snatchers. Around 2:30:20, Mike goes into a humorous aside on how it took 10 years between reading the script for The Faculty and finally watching the film for the Body Snatchers episode.

    So, basically, I made the error of referencing an episode I'd recently listened to, which you'd recorded a year ago, as if you'd recorded it yesterday! (Yes, you could say I severely underplayed the deadpan sarcasm and context of that particular question! My bad.)

  2. You guys are extremely perceptive as to what makes a damn good podcast. I've listened to a plethora of your past shows in recent months, and you are absolutely correct about your episodes being timeless & relevant no matter when they're listened to.

    I very much appreciate that you're more interested in discourse and sharing perspectives than arguing.

    I could list more virtues but you're probably already aware you possess them!

    1. J.P.,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. We know what we like in a show, so that's really our guide. If we would listen to it, we figure others would like it as well.

      I'm not big into arguing - not in my personal life or shows I like to listen to. So, I guess that's where that comes from. Plus, as you said, I like the idea that you could listen to our shows years from now and they would still be worth the time.

      As for the virtues - please share them with others. There's really nothing better for us than good iTunes reviews and plenty of push of the shows to your friends and fellow film fans. More listeners = better shows!



  3. This was a very informative episode. Many of the questions in my head about how you two plan and put together episodes were answered. I was especially intrigued by the discussion of the process of getting interviews. The interviews are the aspect of the show that set it apart from the other film podcasts I have listened to. It is not surprising that it can take months to schedule an interview. A question for you: How much of the time you two devote to the program is taken up with contacting people for interviews?

    One bit of news from Ego Fest II that excited me is the upcoming program on Once Upon A Time in the West. I first watched that movie twenty years ago at the age of fifteen, and I have seen it all the way through at least five times. It is the first film that I remember creating an awareness of film aesthetic. To this day Jill's Theme- particularly the version at the conclusion of the film- is my favorite movie composition. Edda Dell'orso's singing takes my mind to a different place.

    Thank you for all these great shows.

  4. Hey thanks! If you ever want to see what we have coming up, you can see the "Events" on our Free App or see them listed on http://www.facebook.com/theprojectionbooth/events

    I'm not sure if I can give a good answer as to how much time we spend setting up interviews. Usually it's fairly quick once we get past the roadblocks.