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April 16, 2013

Episode 110: Prime Cut (1972)

Special Guest: Cameron Ashley

Fire up the grill and get ready to talk about all things Lee Marvin. We're biting into Michael Ritchie's Prime Cut along with Dwayne Epstein, author of Lee Marvin: Point Blank. We also talk with Cameron Ashley of The Crime Factory about their recent collection of stories all about the man, Lee.

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  1. Smokin' podcast guys! I remember as a kid watching Lee Marvin movies with my Dad and even then, thinking something about this man stood out. As your guest pointed out, few actors could handle firearms as well as Lee Marvin. I got out my DVD of Prime Cut, just to see that scene in the sunflower field again. The way ex-Marine Marvin preps the S&W submachine gun, and tapes the magazines together is seriously cool. In addition, there is the way He delivers dialogue -all through 'The Killers' (1964) - great closing line - to the Dirty Dozen, and Prime Cut. In "The Delta Force" (1986) trailer, his one line “It’s a go. Take ‘em down.” - was more memorable than any of Chuck Norris' butt kicking. I agree with one blogger - one the best lines in movie history. Even as age and hard living wore him down, He was still perfectl cast in "Gorky Park" as Osborne. Note: According to one source (IMDB), Gene Hackman's character is called "Mary Ann" because the name of the Company he runs is "Mary Ann's Meats" - like Dolly Madison or Betty Crocker.

    1. Very cool, Frank! Glad you liked the episode. Lee Marvin is one of those guys - they just don't make actors like that now.

      Really appreciated your thoughts on the films, the show.

      Keep listening!


      Rob St. Mary