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May 11, 2011

Episode 10: Head (1968)

Head - German OnesheetSpecial Guests: Eric Lefcowitz & Monte Hellman

Can you dig it? It's The Monkees's 1968 movie that confounded critics and perplexed audiences, Bob Rafelson's Head. Mike and Mondo Justin talk about the history of Head and discuss its inception and perception.

We're joined one of the editors of Head, Monte Hellman, and the author of Monkee Business, .

BTW, Charles Manson never tried out for The Monkees

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  1. Magnificent show, you guys; my favorite so far! Not just because of Tim Carey either. Just all-around awesome. Plus, I bought the "Monkee Business" book WITH the coins. Woo yay!!

  2. I just watched this last night. Very nice work on this show.

  3. BTW, I'm aware that Manson didn't try out for The Monkees. An old urban legend.