August 20, 2013

Episode 128: Surf Nazis Must Die

Special Guest: Peter George

The Fourth Reich hangs ten in Peter George's Surf Nazis Must Die, the post-apocalyptic tale of Nazi surfers trying to take over the beaches and create a new world from the ashes of the old; a world where Adolf and his crew rule the beaches.

We're joined this week by Mike of the Badasses, Boobs & Bodycounts podcast.

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"Surf Nazis Must Die" - The Prophecy23
"Surf Nazis Must Die" - Rolando Random & the Young Soul Rebels
"Hey Leroy" - Jimmy Castor Bunch
"California Uber Alles" - Dead Kennedys
"Nazi Punks F*ck Off" - Dead Kennedys
"Super Surfer Girl (Surf Nazis Must Die Christopher Just Remix)" - Chicks On Speed

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