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January 24, 2024

Episode 668: The White Reindeer (1952)

Episode 668: The White Reindeer (1952) Guest Co-Hosts: El Goro, Kat Ellinger

Kat Ellinger and El Goro join Mike to look at the Finnish folk horror film The White Reindeer.  Directed by Erik Blomberg, the film was released in 1952 and it’s the story of Pirita -- played by the film’s co-writer Mirjami Kuosmanen.  She’s a newlywed who misses her husband.  When she goes to a shaman to have him craft a love potion for her, she becomes a dreaded were-reindeer.

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"Finland" - Monty Python
"White Reindeer Suite (Valkoinen Peura)" - Einar Englund


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