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December 12, 2021

Special Report: Alexander Fee on The Japan Society NYC

Special Guests: Alexander Fee

Mike spoke with Alexander Fee of the Japan Society New York about the Flash Forward: Debut Works and Recent Films by Notable Japanese Directors series that runs December 3-23, 2021.

The series takes an intimate look at six of Japan’s most well-known directors: Naomi Kawase, Miwa Nishikawa, Shuichi Okita, Junji Sakamoto, Akihiko Shiota and Masayuki Suo. Pairing each debut with a recent work, the series presents two distinct facets of each filmmaker’s career—encouraging dialogue and interplay as well as tracking the development of their signature voice. By drawing parallels and contrasts between past and present, Flash Forward illuminates the importance of these pivotal early works within each artist’s career.

Find out more at the Japan Society website.

Listen/Download Now:

"Battle Without Honor and Humanity" - Tomoyasu Hotei


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