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December 15, 2021

Episode 551: Fight Club (1999)

Special Guests: Chuck Palahniuk, Ross Grayson Bell, Jim Uhls
Guest Co-Hosts: Maitland McDonagh, Rob St. Mary

Rob St. Mary and Maitland McDonagh join Mike to look at the 1999 film from director David Fincher, Fight Club. Based on the book by , the film stars Edward Norton as an office drone who becomes addicted to self-help groups until he starts his own. However, we are not allowed to talk about it.

Interviews on this episode include author Chuck Palahniuk, producer Ross Grayson Bell, and screenwriter .

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"Fight Club Soundtrack" - The Dust Brothers
"Where is My Mind?" - The Pixies

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Fight Club minus Tyler Durden from Richard Trammell on Vimeo.


  1. I am Jack's complete giddy as a school girl who hadn't been boffed like that since grade school stoked for this one.
    Fire up 'Boner Jams 4:' Mike is taking us to the promised Land!
    That said: unwritten rule of Projection Club: skip the clam chowder.
    And, I'm freggin Lou.

  2. I. Am. Dying.
    The bollywood sendup -- omg.

  3. A.) Hearing this episode was like a booster shot of Vitamin D. I'm particularly fond of the "St. McWhite" cohost trio. Such great chemistry. To paraphrase Jack & Marla: "They really listen to each other instead of just---" "---Waiting for their turn to speak."

    B.) This episode has me nostalgic for early aughts DVDs. I still have those awesome deluxe editions of FIGHT CLUB and SEVEN. I remember "I want you to hit me as hard as you can" being the first clip shown in Fox's old "Are you ready for FOX DVD VIDEO?!" ads. ('get into it')

    C.) I laughed my ass off in theaters, but I didn't know certain scenes were SUPPOSED to be funny until I heard the commentary with Fincher/Pitt/Norton. When myself and two other dudes in the theater were asthmatically laughing during the plane crash fantasy, I just thought we were morbid fucks. "Wow, I'm not the only one with a passively suicidal sense of humor."

    D.) I've discovered over the years there's another demographic this film strikes a chord with: insomniacs. FIGHT CLUB really nails the hellishness of insomnia. "Never fully asleep. Never fully awake. Everything's a copy [of a copy (of a copy...)]."

    E.) Mike, thank you for the healing power of blasphemous laughter. My mind's eye keeps dubbing Tyler's maniacal masochistic "beaten by Lou" laughter over crucifixion footage from PASSION OF THE CHRIST. (Passion of the Fight?) It beats my own fake trailer idea splicing together PASSION w/ HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II.

  4. Wait did somebody actually bleep out Rob st Mary saying the word "jew" at 28 minutes? I listen on Pocket Casts. I'm not sure where this is coming from, but it wasn't even being used as a pejorative. Wtf? Sounded to me like he was admitting his grandfather was a nazi or something. You could have edited the whole sentence or paragraph if you felt it wasn't appropriate, but just bleeping that one word is pretty dodgy.

    1. I don't find that word offensive. I find the word "jap" offensive. I know Rob was quoting it but it still rubbed me wrong.

    2. Patrick - Yes, that was about the Pacific War. As Mike noted, I was quoting my grandfather. I should have been more mindful on the word usage.