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November 20, 2020

Special Report: du BEAT-e-o (1984)

Special Guests: Marc Sheffler, Mark Wheaton, Alan Sacks
Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Adam Spiegelman

On this special episode we’re looking at the 1984film from Alan Sacks, Du BEAT-e-o . It’s a movie as unusual as its name. It’s the multi-layered story of a director -- the titular Du Beat-E-O played by Ray Sharkey -- who is given a chore to put together a film about the band The Runaways. At the same time we hear a postmortem of the film as we’re watching it unfold courtesy of a running fictive director’s commentary.

Adam Spiegelman (Proudly Resents) and Heather Drain (Mondo Heather) join Mike to discuss the history of the show as well as one of its participants -- El Duce of The Mentors. Interviews include co-writer , musician Mark Wheaton, and director Alan Sacks.

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Listen to the Proudly Resents interview with Alan Sacks:

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"Benny's Nightmare" - Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes
"Welcome Back" - John Sebastian
"We're All Crazy Now" - The Runaways


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  1. El Duce claimed Courtney offered him money to kill Kurt, he didn't claim to do it.