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December 15, 2015

Episode 249: Contact (1997)

Special Guests: James V. Hart, William Fichtner, Lynda Obst & Seth Shostak
Guest Co-Hosts: Jamey Duvall & Emily Intravia

After nearly a decade of development, Robert Zemeckis's Contact came to the silver screen in 1997. The film stars Jodie Foster as a SETI scientist who discovers a message from space.

Mike is joined by The Feminine Critique's Emily Intravia and Movie Geeks United's Jamey Duvall. This episode features interviews with actor William Fichtner, producer Lynda Obst, screenwriter , and science adviser Seth Shostak.

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Bonus Interview: William Fichtner

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Original Soundtrack - Alan Silvestri
"Space-Time Continuum (Heaven And Hell, Part I)" - Vangelis
"Martian Hop" - The Ran-Dells


1 comment:

  1. GEORGE MILLER'S CONTACT. What a tantalizing thought. I had no idea about CONTACT's development hell, learned a lot from your research, Mike!

    Hell, I'd be curious to see George Miller's CASTAWAY or even George Miller's Forrest Gump!

    (I guess USED CARS is the closest Zemeckis ever came to Mad Max territory.)