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August 16, 2017

Episode 336: THX-1138 (1971)

Special Guests: Brian Jay Jones, Matthew Robbins, Maggie McOmie, Bruce Chesse, Sid Haig
Guest Co-Hosts: Jay Bauman, Chris Bricklemyer

The first feature film from director George Lucas, THX-1138 (1971) features a world in which love is outlawed and mind-altering drugs are mandatory. The film stars Robert Duvall as the titular THX-1138 and Maggie McOmie as LUH-3417 as roommates who eventually develop into something much more despite the totalitarian regime in which they live.

Co-written by , the film ponders materialism, religion, and love.

Chris Bricklemyer (Outside the Cinema, Are You Serious?) and Jay Bauman (Red Letter Media) join Mike to discuss Lucas's freshman film, how its themes would echo in his other work, and how he revised it in the 2004 "director's cut."

Listen/Download Now:

The Kolchak Tapes
Popcorn Poops
After Movie Diner
Proudly Resents

Brian Jay Jones, author of George Lucas: A Life: 1:00:00
Music: "GVDT" - Front 242

Matthew Robbins
, co-writer of Electronic Labyrinth: THX-1138 4EB: 1:53:00
Music: "First Escape" - Lalo Schifrin

Maggie McOmie
, actress (LUH-3417): 2:19:00
Music: "I Need Something Stronger" - Unkle

Bruce Chesse
, actor (Trial Pontifex): 2:33:00
Music: "Mr. Self-Destruct" - Nine Inch Nails

Sid Haig
, actor (NCH): 2:46:00
Music: "Be Happy Again (Jingle Of The Future)" - Lalo Schifrin

Discussion 2: 3:16:00
Trailer: Intacto: 3:43:00

Outro Music:
"Crucify Me" - Moev
"Police State" - T-Power

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  1. I'm glad to see that my Italian Cut video is making the rounds. There's so many mysteries surrounding THX releases (and versions), even the Laserdisc one is not identical to the theatrical release. I own the original film on 35mm and a fan restoration project is currently in the works involving 4K film scanner to preserve the original version from disappearing forever.
    Very interesting podcast, I found it via Jay Bauman's twitter account.

  2. Which other episodes has Susan Bauman been on?

  3. I'm not sure who "Susan" Bauman is but Jay Bauman's been on the Star Wars and Trancers episodes. You can get to them via the tag on the episode of his name. Just click that and you'll get https://projection-booth.blogspot.com/search/label/Jay%20Bauman

  4. What is the difference between the Italian dvd and the US dvds and blu-rays? Also: the whole bit of calling Jay "Susan" has to do with a RLM joke on one of their youtube videos.

    1. DVDs and blu rays are identical worldwide. The different Italian cut comes from one of the two theatrical releases and was seen in the late 90s on tv. Here's the opening (recorded in 1998): https://youtu.be/65AGJDK9by0