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October 28, 2020

Episode 491: The Frighteners (1996)

Special Guest: Jeffrey Combs, Grant Major
Guest Co-Hosts: Jeff Meyers, Chris Stachiw

We conclude #Shocktober2020 with a look at Peter Jackson's The Frighteners (1996). Made between Heavenly Creatures and The Lord of the Rings series, the film was a signal to Hollywood that Peter Jackson could play by the rules. It’s the story of Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox), a man with a gift that he can commune with the dead. He uses this to bilk the people of Fairwater out of money by haunting houses via his dead friends. Unfortunately for Frank and the rest of Fairwater there’s a serial killer who plagues the city in hopes of scoring a record number of kills.

Chris Stachiw and Jeff Meyers discuss the film with Mike while Production Designer Grant Major and co-star Jeffrey Combs talk about the making of the movie.

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Original Soundtrack - Danny Elfman
"Don't Fear the Reaper" - Blue Oyster Cult


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