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September 23, 2020

Episode 486: Birds, Orphans, and Fools (1969)

Guest Co-Hosts: Kat Ellinger, Jonathan Owen

We continue #Czechtember 2020 with the 1969 Slovakian film Birds, Orphans, and Fools by Juraj Jakubisko. It’s a story of three young people in the turbulent year and place of 1968 Slovakia. There are birds, the characters are orphans, and they often play the fool as we experience a slice of their lives.

Kat Ellinger and Jonathan Owen join Mike to discuss the film, Jakubisco's other work, and his fellow Slovakian filmmakers.

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Buy Birds, Orphans, and Fools on DVD
Read Birds, Orphans and Fools (1969): the Rule of Three in Juraj Jakubisko’s Exemplary Gallows Bacchanalia by Cerise Howard
Visit the official Juraj Jakubisko website

"My Orphanage" - Rasputina


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  1. Totally remember that Move Incident in Philly in 1985.Was going to V.F.M.A. where that Harold Becker film Taps was made.Everything David Lynch ever said about Philadelphia is spot on correct,though.Pittsburgh's where it's at:)