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May 2, 2019

Episode 414: Outland (1981)

Special Guest: James B. Sikking
Guest Co-Hosts: Jedidiah Ayres, Josh Hadley

Peter Hyams’s Outland (1981) plays like a Western in space with Sean Connery as Marshall W.T. O’Neil, the head lawman at a rough and tumble mining colony where a mysterious series of deaths puts him at odds with the powers that be including his own Deputy (James B. Sikking) and the colony's head honcho (Peter Boyle).

Jedidiah Ayres and Josh Hadley join Mike to discuss Peter Hyams's filmography, High Noon, and more.

Listen/Download Now:

Read OUTLAND: Peter Hyams’ Sci-Fi Murder Mystery Western For The Ages by Roxanne Benjamin
Read Outland: The Press Kit
Buy Outland by Alan Dean Foster
Buy High Noon: The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic by Gary Frankel

Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith
"High Moon" - Star One


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