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December 21, 2017

2017 Music Mix

Frustrated DJ Mike White strikes again with a collection of some of the songs used (or almost used) throughout the 2017 run of The Projection Booth.

Track List
Song Artist Episode
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Bossweeds Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
Sweet Talkin' Candy Man The Carrie Nations Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Ten Et Tiwa Alan Goraguer Fantastic Planet
Guts Herman Stein The Intruder
Meditation Eduard Artemyev Stalker
Judge Yr'self Manic Street Preachers Future Shock
The Model Kraftwerk Puzzle of a Downfall Child
Hazy Shade of Winter The Bangles Chilly Scenes of Winter
Theme From The Cars that Ate Paris Bruce Smeaton The Cars that Ate Paris
Never Too Young to Die Iren Koster Never Too Young to Die
Happy Together The Turtles Making Mr. Right
Joysticks Ray Knehnetsky & Milo Angelo Adamo Joysticks
Axel F Crazy Frog Beverly Hills Cop
Theme from Dr. Detroit DEVO Dr. Detroit
I Love the Dead Alice Cooper Kissed
They Live Reign of Zaius They Live
Frou Frou Frank Pourcel La Grande Illusion
Red Shoes Tom Waits The Red Shoes
Freedom of Choice DEVO Existenz
The Neverending Story Limahl Tami Stronach Interview
The Big One Alan Tew Wanda Whips Wall Street
Joan Crawford Blue Oyster Cult Mommie Dearest
San Antone Denny Brooks Ninth Configuration
Lost One Roots The Lost One
Oceania, 'Tis For Thee Dominic Muldowny 1984
Ballad of One Eyed Jacks Johnny Burnette One Eyed Jacks
Magic Night The Village People The Fabulous Allan Carr
What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) Information Society Wings of Desire
Hip to be Square Huey Lewis American Psycho
Hello There Cheap Trick Over the Edge
On The Other Side Of The Moon (from The Silver Globe) Andrzej Korzyñski On the Silver Globe
The Man Comes Around Johnny Cash Torchbearer
Ansiedad Negativo Arrebatos
I Eat Cannibals Toto Coelo The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover
This Beat is Military K9 Posse I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
The Capsule's Pride (Bikes) Bwana Akira
A Glass of Champagne Sailor La Marge
Bellboy Stomp Guided by Voices The Bellboy
Crucify Me Moev THX-1138
Is It Luck? Primus Intacto
Guardian Angel Juno Reactor The Swimmer
Jumping someone else's Train The Cure Closely Watched Trains
(Restless Heart) Running Away With You [Extended] John Parr The Running Man
Spalovač mrtvol Zdeněk Liška The Cremator
I Just Can't Be Happy Today The Damned Happy End
These Hands The Damned Mad Love
The Tenant Japan The Tenant
Terrorvision The Fibonaccis TerrorVision
Laura Palmer's Theme Xiu Xiu Fire Walk with Me Redux / Twin Peaks The Return
Who Killed Teddy Bear Josie Cotton Who Killed Teddy Bear?
Czary Mary Balladi I Romanze The Lure
A Better Tomorrow Theme (Instrumental) Joseph Ko A Better Tomorrow

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