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October 19, 2017

Episode 345: TerrorVision (1986)

Special Guests: Ted Nicolaou, Diane Franklin, Gerrit Graham
Guest Co-Hosts: Josh Hadley, Moe Porne

#Shocktober2017 continues with a look at the offbeat horror comedy TerrorVision (1986). Written and directed by Ted Nicolaou, the film centers on the Putterman Family who, while father Stan (Gerrit Graham) is installing a new satellite dish and accidentally receive a distant transmission of a horrific hungry monster which proceeds to feast on the family including wife Rachel (Mary Woronov), son Sherman (Chad Allen), grandpa (Bert Remsen), daughter Suzy (Diane Franklin), and her metal head boyfriend O.D. (Jon Gries).

Podcasters Moe Porne (No Budget Nightmares) and Josh Hadley (Lost in the Static) join Mike to discuss this classic of Charles Band's Empire empire.

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