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June 20, 2017

Special Report: American Psycho (2000)

Special Guests: Mary Harron, Guinevere Turner, Roberta Hanley
Guest Co-Hosts: David Rodgers Paula Guthat

Based on the controversial book by , American Psycho (2000) tells the tale of Wall Street's Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), his murderous rampage, and the world of the late 1980s Manhattan.

The episode features interviews with one of the original screenwriters, Roberta Hanley, along with the film's director, Mary Harron and co-screenwriter / actress .

David Rodgers and Cinema Detroit's Paula Guthat join Mike to discuss yuppie scum and how American Psycho still resonates today.

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  1. Kind of disappointing to hear the raves on the show for this turkey. The book is completely artless and rather badly written, besides being ferociously anti-women. Why is that cool? There was no mention on the show about the possibility the producers were just covering their ass by hiring a woman director. And you'll always find a house 'slave' eager to comply-hello 50 Shades. I've never seen the film and have no desire but it just sounds terrible. Just dehumanizing. Who watches that with their significant other? It's not utterly demeaning? The director's obviously a class act- who else would do a film called 'I Shot Andy Warhol'? Lou Reed was right- the title is completely offensive and repugnant.
    You want to read a book that is at least as visceral and as tough going as AP but it's actually art, and the writer's coming from a spiritual place-Hubert Selby's 'The Room' (referenced in Linklater's Waking Life). But proceed with extreme caution. Probably the ultimate can't un-read book.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Baby Irene! Glad you're listening to the show.

  2. Ugh god Irene shut UP.Just showing misogyny doesn't mean its ENDORSING it, that's retarded. Stick to di$ney or something equally predigested, you obviously can't chew on your own yet!

  3. this was the first time I heard Mary Harron explain that she spent 2 weeks writing the script adaptation of the novel American Psycho. She obviously didn't write the script and I did. Mary when will you correct the lie ? You lied when you filed that you wrote it. Norman Snider took 14 months to hand in a draft of a script with Cronenberg and they are geniuses. You didn't write it Mary in two weeks like you said in your interview here, and Gwen didn't write it either. You should be ashamed instead of bragging about stealing my script. Thanks for the admission of guilt - not audio babes
    Roberta Hanley screenwriter of American Psycho not you two.