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February 21, 2017

Episode 311: The Cars that Ate Paris (1974)

Special Guests: Jonathan Rayner, Hal McElroy, Terry Camilleri, Bruce Spence
Guest Co-Hosts: Ben Buckingham, Kevin Heffernan

Peter Weir's The Cars That Ate Paris (1974) stars Terry Camilleri as Arthur Waldo, a meek man whose brother dies in a car accident outside of Paris, Australia -- a town whose economy relies on scavenging on the wrecks they create.

Also released (in a truncated form) as The Cars That Eat People, the film is the first feature from and was produced by Jim and Hal McElroy.

Ben Buckingham and Kevin Heffernan join Mike to discuss the film, Mad Max 2, and more.

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"The Visit" - Bruce Smeaton
"The Cars That Ate Paris" - Bruce Smeaton


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