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May 15, 2016

Special Report: The Slanted Screen (2006)

Special Guest: Jeff Adachi
Guest Co-Host: Rita Su

Jeff Adachi's The Slanted Screen (2006) examines the portrayal of Asian men in American popular film and television. Mike is joined by Rita Su to discuss the documentary, whitewashing, yellowface, and inscrutable "Orientals".

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"Sukiyaki" - Kyu Sakamoto



  1. Don't forget Mr. Adachi's stellar documentary on the late great Jack Soo! it was the film I waited for since I was a teen Barney Miller fanatic! Some love Vigoda, and some bow to Landesberg, Soo was my boyhood idol. Greatest job and the greatest attitude. I wanted to be Yemana!!! Looking forward to hearing the podcast!!!

  2. Another interesting episode of the Projection Booth. Rita Su mentions Katherine Hepburn winning an Academy Award for Dragon Seed. Hepburn won her four Oscars for other films. I believe the actress she was referring to was Luise Rainer, who won an Oscar for the 1937 film The Good Earth.

    The documentary about a Chinese mail-order bride mentioned by Mr. White sounds like Seeking Asian Female.