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August 4, 2015

Episode 230: Solarbabies (1986)

Special Guest:
Guest Co-Host: Patrick Bromley

What was once "the kids' version of THX-1138", Solarbabies is the story of seven orphans looking for salvation in a water-starved post-apocalyptic world. The neon-colored film from second-time director Alan Johnson was originally conceived by the artist Metrov. The story behind Solarbabies might be more compelling than the final film itself.

We're joined this week by Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast to make our way through the wasteland of Solarbabies.

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"Lawrence of Arabia (Overture)" - Maurice Jarre
"Love Will Set You Free" - Smokey Robinson

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  1. For a film that none of you guys liked, you did a pretty good show - the Mertov interview was great and sad as he talked about how he lost the project (I suspect that a LOT more writers other than Green probably took a whack at the script).

  2. The Foreign ViewerMay 24, 2016, 5:35:00 PM

    Ditto. By the way, the best part is that the future sport they play doesn't even actually factor into the story (other than them being athletic). I didn't grow up with this flick, but I did grow up with another future sports movie - Rutger Hauer/Joan Chen/Vincent D'Onofrio/Delroy Lindo's bleak as f-k post-apocalyptic classic "Salute of the Jugger (1989)" aka The Blood of Heroes(1989). If you were on Patreon and I was a sponsor, I'd probably pay for a show about that one. Any thoughts on that movie in general, Mike? Dated or holds up? Thanks, bye.

  3. The first part of that equation has been fulfilled: https://www.patreon.com/projectionbooth?ty=h