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July 28, 2015

Episode 229: Night Moves (1975)

Special Guest: Nat Segaloff
Guest Co-Host: Carol Borden

Arthur Penn's Night Moves (1975) stars Gene Hackman as Harry Moseby, a private eye trying to find himself in a post-Watergate America.

We're joined by Nat Segaloff, author of Arthur Penn: American Director and Carol Borden of the Cultural Gutter.

Buy Night Moves on DVD
Buy Arthur Penn: American Director by Nat Segaloff
Buy Mr. Huston/ Mr. North: Life, Death, and Making John Huston's Last Film by Nat Segaloff
Learn more about Arthur Penn: American Director Download the Night Moves script by Alan Sharp
Read "With Autumn Closing In" Night Moves Remembered by Daniel Moses Luft
Read Night Moves vs. The Long Goodbye by Susan Doll
Be sure to visit the Cultural Gutter

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Bonus: Interview with Matthew Asprey Gear

Bonus: Interview with David Manderson

"Night Moves" - Pulsedriver
"Night Moves" - Leckerphonics
"Night Moves" - Bob Seger



  1. Great episode on a movie that never gets old, and only gets better the more one watches it! Also, Kudos on being the first show in any medium that I'm aware of that had a guest that used a term I've only heard my father say...Potchkee, a Yiddish term for wasting time....and Mr. Segaloff used it TWICE (loved his Hurricane Billy, BTW! and look forward to his Harlan Ellison biography). Always a joy to find your show covering a favorite!!!

  2. It would have been fun discussing this one with you guys. I found the pop culture references in "Night Moves" so clumsy and obvious as to make the movie unwatchable: http://detectivesbeyondborders.blogspot.com/2010/08/arthur-penns-night-movies-plus-note-on.html

  3. This movie was 1000 times better than anything from today.