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June 1, 2015

Guest Spot: Nightmare Investigators

As part of their Comic Book Adaptations month, Mike was invited onto the Kulturecast podcast to talk about two supernatural investigators, John Constantine and Dylan Dog. The two films, Constantine (2005) and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2010) were remarkably similar -- both based on characters created in the mid-'80s, both dealing with maintaining a supernatural balance, both with annoying sidekicks wearing funny hats -- but one fairs far better than the other.

Visit the Kulture Shocked website
Find out more about The Revenant
Buy the Dylan Dog: Case Files by Tiziano Sclavi
Buy John Constantine: Hellblazer Vol. 5: Dangerous Habits by Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis
Buy Cemetery Man / Dellamorte Dellamore on Blu-Ray

Listen to the episode here:


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