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April 7, 2015

Episode 213: Logan's Run (1976)

Special Guests: William F. Nolan, George Clayton Johnson
Guest Co-Host: Eric Cohen

Welcome to the future! Logan 5 (Michael York) and Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter) live in the City of Domes where life seems idyllic with just one little catch: everyone dies at 30. We discuss Michael Anderson's Logan's Run, the dystopian sci-fi classic, with our friend Eric Cohen from The Cinefiles.

We speak to Logan's Run authors about their landmark book and their astounding careers.

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"The Dome - The City - Nursery" - Jerry Goldsmith
"Logan's Run Main Title" - Laurence Rosenthal
"Logan's Run" - Roboton
"Search for Tomorrow" - Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Brian Reitzell
"Flameout" - Jerry Goldsmith



  1. Another home run for The Projection Booth! Extra points for bringing up Nolan's Sam Space books and work with Dan Curtis, and for the history lesson provided by both authors - Charles Beaumont should never be forgotten.

  2. Michael J. Anderson is his actor son - also had a role in THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES mini-series, which Michael Anderson also directed.

  3. Dang it! I knew there was something I forgot. Both he and Agutter were clamoring to be on the show and I didn't bother calling either of them back.

  4. Hey Anonymous,

    Don't like it? GET YOUR OWN DAMN SHOW!

  5. No Peter Ustinov either. You guys are really slacking off.

  6. Another film that could have been referenced in the 'a bit like this' section of the discussion is Children of the Corn - from the Stephen King story. A remote town populated just by kids, that kill anyone reaching 18. It's about people coming in and trying to escape, rather than people in the society leading it, but the premise is (rather too) strikingly similar.

    Also, I couldn't catch one of the other titles - you mentioned Sleeper and Snowpiercer, and one other that sounded like Potus4 of something but I can't figure that one out - any clues?

    Really enjoyed this edition - one of my long term favourites. And yes, Jenny Agutter was 'influential' in my development too!

    1. Sven, regarding remote towns populated by murderous kids, I recommend the WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? episode if you haven't listened to it yet: http://projection-booth.blogspot.com/2013/10/episode-137-who-can-kill-child.html

    2. Looks good - I'll see if I can find the film first. I don't listen to a show before seeing the films in question. This week's show requires 3 films... *sigh*.

      I've got an extensive back catalogue of podcasts to get through, somuch viewing to do!

    3. "Potus4" = "Clonus: The Parts Horror". Check out the video that is posted on this listing comparing Clonus and The Island from Good Bad Flicks. Good stuff.

  7. No Hugh Jackman either! Whoops...wrong Logan.

  8. I'm still listening to this as I write this. If ever there was a movie that deserves a remake, it's this one. I think Ryan Gosling was attached to star in a remake, in case you don't mention it in the remainder of the episode.

  9. I'd rather see a new take on the story where Box is the protagonist.

    Sea Greens
    Proteins From the Sea

  10. I'm saddened to say that George Clayton Johnson passed away yesterday.

  11. George Clayton Johnson passed away on XMAS day. I immediately thought of your podcast, and listened to it again. I sent out a tweet encouraging people to come to this website and listen to one of GCJ's last interviews. Thanks for this great podcast, loved the movie, loved the book even more.

  12. The age was set at thirty in the movie to accommodate the age of the actors they wanted to use.