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March 24, 2015

Episode 211: Message from the Future (1981)

Special Guest: Oded Carmeli
Guest Co-Host: Yaniv Eidelstein

In Message from the Future (AKA Sheder Min Ha'Atid AKA שדר מן העתיד), a visitor from 3005 comes back to 1985 to encourage the world to engage in WWIII.

Written and directed by (and starring) poet and futurist David Avidan, the film is a remarkable science fiction odyssey.

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Listen/Download Now:

"I Feel Love" - Donna Summer
"Message from the Future" - Francesco Digilio Emiliano Borrelli
"Messages from the Future" - Harold Heath
"Radioactivity" - Kraftwerk
"Message from the Future" - DJ Emho
"Message for Tomorrow From the People of the Future" - Double U

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