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April 22, 2014

Episode 163: The Bad Lieutenant Films (1992, 2009)

Special Guests: Edward Pressman, William M. Finkelstein
Guest Co-host: Patrick Bromley

This week we're talking about Bad Lieutenant - the original and the sort of loose re-make by filmmakers Abel Ferrara and Werner Herzog. The 1992 original stars Harvey Keitel as the Bad Lieutenant in question who gets in over his head with drugs, prostitutes and a gambling debt. The 2009 The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans stars Nicolas Cage as the Bad Lieutenant in the days around and after Hurricane Katrina. He plays a cop who gets in over his head with drugs, prostitutes and a gambling debt.

Our guests are producer of both films – Edward Pressman and the screenwriter of The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, William Finkelstein

Guest co-host this week is Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast.

Thanks to Filip Önell for the Werner Herzog impersonation!

"Pledging My Love" - Johnny Ace
"Signifying Rapper" - Schooly-D
"Old Lost John" - Sonny Terry
"Release Me" - Johnny Adams

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  1. What an incredible one-two punch with the Milius Special Report quickly answered by this episode. I've only recently started to listen to you both (Mike/Rob) but I've been able to cover the lion's share of your podcasts over the course of the past few months during my commute to work. Not only are you both extremely entertaining/funny but I truly appreciate the effort you put into every single one of your episodes. Keep up the great work gentlemen!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. We are glad you enjoy and laugh along with us as we find out more about films we like or find interesting.

      We have more coming. So, if you are on facebook - follow us and get signed up with the events so you can watch and be up to date when these episodes drop.


      Rob St. Mary
      co-host of "The Projection Booth"

  2. Please, please, PLEASE do an episode on the 1996 The Island of Dr. Moreau! It's a beautiful disaster. I know it's not very good, but I love it and find it endlessly entertaining. Plus, it's got a great behind the scenes story that could be a movie on of itself. Brando is perfectly bonkers!

    1. I'm hoping we can talk to the filmmakers behind the upcoming doc about Moreau.