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March 18, 2014

Episode 158: Smoker (1983)

Special Guests: Ron Jeremy, Sharon Mitchell, David Christopher, Susie Bright

Smoker tells the tale of Madame Suque (Sharon Mitchell), a sexual terrorist who creates an explosive device in the form of a marital aid. When her lackey (Ron Jeremy) accidentally sells it, all manner of voyeurism and bondage break out.

Guest co-host Heather Drain joins us again to discuss Veronika Rocket's avant-garde adult film.

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  1. Excellent, Excellent podcast! Along with The Rialto Report (which is also interviewing Sharon Mitchell ) you give great insight and a respectful review of adult films during the "Golden Age". I still have your Raw Talent podcast, and listen to it often. I've never heard of or seen "Smoker"; after your podcast, I had to see it, finally found a VOD source at Adult DVD Empire. This was the cut VCA version; even so, it was an intriguing piece of east coast '80 adult film, very different from the sunnier west coast productions. Re the interviews, loved your talk with Sharon Mitchell (and the way the Projection Booth and Rialto Report support each other !). Your interview with David Christopher was wild! He just went to all sorts of places. Reminds me of the late night FM Radio personalities on WBAI here in New York during the seventies - they would have these long monologues, stories within stories, that would go on and on, but never be boring! Agree with Rob re the poor job that the Adult film industry has done in preserving the golden age films. While searching for information on Smoker, came upon a thread in the AVManiacs forum, where it was stated that VCA Pictures, in addition to cutting and reediting classic films, actually cut the negatives, not just a print. If so, that's insane! Look forward to your future podcast on Waterpower.

  2. From "The X-Rated Videotape Guide" [#1](1986) by Robert Rimmer. He has this as 1984.

    "Smoker" (1984) [b]CC NN NM BI [u]DS[/u] DK[/b]

    The CC rating on this one is only for those who enjoy weirdos, kinkiness, and a touch of sadism, all packaged together in such a way that you'll have a hard time figuring out what is going on.
    All the characters have screen names, but only Madame Suque ([u]Sharon Mitchell[/u]) makes an impression. She runs a sex shop, complete with a B/D dungeon in the cellar. [u]Ron Jeremy[/u] is her drooling assistant. Ron sells a vibrator to [u]Troye Lane[/u], and she uses it in the apartment she shares with her girlfriend [u]Diana Sloan[/u], when they don't want to hassle with guys. Unfortunately, Madame Suque is out to destroy the world, and the last shipment of vibrators are really concealed bombs that can blow you to kingdom come. Troye tells Ron that she's perfectly satisfied with her purchase and will not exchange it for a less lethal one.
    In the meantime, [u]John Leslie[/u] representing the the government as a self-proclaimed “faceless dick” is on the trail of Madame Suque. Troye and her roommate, [u]Diana Sloan[/u], are also being watched through a one-way mirror by [u]David Christopher[/u], the apartment janitor, who is married but has transvestite tendencies. He steals their clothes and the vibrator. Troye is captured first by Jeremy and Edwards, and finally she and Diana are brought to the dungeon, where they are gagged. Troye is suspended face down from the ceiling, naked. When she won't confess where the vibrator is, Jeremy and [u]Eric Edwards[/u] try to persuade her with their cocks. Masked, gagged, and hanging by her tiptoes, she is also pierced by a wiggly vibrator, which she seems to enjoy.
    In the meantime, before Madame Suque ends up strung up in the air by their captors, John Leslie provides a long, squalid fuck scene, screwing [u]Joanna Storm[/u] on the kitchen table, on top of the stove, and on the floor, while her kooky husband (David Christopher) looks on, eating his dinner.

    I claim this as 'fair use', at least for these reasons: Robert Rimmer is dead. Prometheus Books is defunct. [i]Just who is going to enforce a copyright on this tome?[/i]
    What really needed to be included in this first volume (and the 1986 blue-cover update) was [b][u][i]the running times of the videocassettes that R. Rimmer was viewing[/i][/u][/b]. Such that if you were looking at a VHS videocassette of the movie in 1991, [i]you could denote if this was the [b]complete, uncut[/b] version of it[/i].
    Might an uncut print of this movie exist [i]in another country[/i] (Brazil, Denmark, Greece)? We can continue to hope.