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May 21, 2013

Episode 115: The Howling (1981)

Special Guests: Joe Dante & Gary Brandner
Guest Co-Host: Josh Hadley

We dive head first into Joe Dante's The Howling (1981) (and the rest of the book and movie franchise). We also feature an interview with the author of the original source novel, .

Joining us this week is our old pal Josh Hadley of the RadioDrome, What the F*ck, and Lost in the Static podcasts (among others).

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Gary Brandner passed away a few months after talked to him. Read his obituary

Songs used this episode include...
"Killer Wolf" - Danzig
"The Howling" - Pino Donaggio
"Howlin' For My Darling" - Howlin' Wolf
"Bark at the Moon" - Ozzy Osbourne



  1. "Police Academy" and "Hellraiser" are two series of movies (seven and eight respectively) that collapsed into crap (though in each case the first two were good).

  2. It's the seventh one that is New Moon Rising. This one came a few years after six, which was The Freaks....and the latest one was Reborn. The 'youth oriented' Howling movie.....It actually could've been worse and in this series that is saying a lot.