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May 14, 2013

Episode 114: Singapore Sling (1990)

Special Guest: Professor Vrasidas Karalis

Nikos Nikolaidis's Singapore Sling is a bizarro sequel to Otto Preminger's Laura and one of the few Greek films that has made it onto the podcast. We talk about Singapore Sling, golden showers, and Greek film with our guest co-host, Fräulein von B.

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Tunes used this episode include...
"Curse Curse Curse" - Singapore Sling
"The Laura Suite" - David Raskin
"Laura" - Frank Sinatra
"Knifey Cock Song" - Reverend Scott & Outside the Cinema


Nikos Nikoladis Interview from Jose Sarmiento on Vimeo.

Here's how to make a Singapore Sling...
1/2 oz grenadine syrup
1 oz gin
sweet and sour mix
club soda
1/2 oz cherry brandy

Pour grenadine into the bottom of a Collins glass, and fill with ice. Add gin, and almost-fill with equal parts of sweet and sour and chilled soda. Top with cherry brandy, and serve unstirred, garnished with a cherry. Drink excessively and try not to kill the chauffeur.


  1. Another great episode... for those wanting to pursue more Nikos Nikolaidis films beyond scouring the grey market (SINGAPORE SLING is his only film available on R1 dvd, unfortunately), there is a solution - all of his films have been issued on DVD in Greece, remastered and with English subtitles... you might need to have access to an all region player (or be willing to hack your player to all-region), available individually, or as a box set for around $100


    His books have also been re-issued, but there is no English translation available.

    There is also a documentary about Nikolaidis and his work, DIRECTING HELL, which was released in Greece in March; hopefully, it may play some festivals in America.


    As to Meredyth Herold... she did another project with Nikolaidis, THE GIRL WITH THE SUITCASES, which was done for television... no copy has surfaced as of yet.


    website - http://www.nikosnikolaidis.com/mainenglish/index.php

  2. What did ever happen to Meredyth Herold? Can find no trace of her. Almost like she's a ghost

  3. What did happen to Meredyth Herold? Can find np trace of her. Almost as if she's a ghost.

  4. With the rise of Yorgos Lanthimos, one would think that more people would be searching out Nikolaidis' films... he's very directly referenced in interviews with Lanthimos.



  5. A deep dive into Nikolaidis - videocast from Globetrot du Cinema