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December 4, 2012

Episode 91: Equinox (1970)

Special Guests: Mark Thomas McGee
& Ben Ness AKA Doc Waffles

Four friends visit their professor friend in the remote woods. The professor has used an ancient book to unleash a terrible evil that will torment the two couples. The Evil Dead? No, Equinox -- a low-budget precursor to Sam Raimi's horror classic.

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Music used this episode:
"The Lost Coordinate" by The Amino Acids
"Man's Reach" by The Amino Acids
"Groucho Masks" by Doc Waffles
"Wings Over Detroit" by Doc Waffles


  1. Guys, great podcast as usual! Equinox was a favorite of mine as a teenager in the late '70s. It showed up regularly on WOR/Channel 9 in New York on "Fright Night" or "The Late Movie", along with "Silent Night, Bloody Night" and "So Sad About Gloria" (2 more films that could be great topics for your podcast). I agree with your guest, in that seeing these films at a certain age give them a special place in your memories, regardless of the cheap special effects or bad dialouge. Whether it was being relatively young (and maybe a bit sleep deprived),the images and the story of Equinox are still with me today; in comparison, most of the big budget Hollywood films I've seen over the past 20 years just evaporate from my memory.
    I've got the DVD of Equinox with both versions; will watch it this weekend - late at night, of course!

    1. Frank,

      Thanks for the kind words. Always nice to hear people dig the podcast.

      I agree with Mr. McGee - there are films that we love because we loved them as kids. They become part of our history, love first loves of cinema.

      Thanks sharing about "Equinox" - keep on listening!


      Rob St. Mary
      co-host of "The Projection Booth"

  2. I'm old enough that -- one day in elementary school a friend of mine told me about a really cool movie he saw in the theater over the weekend..... it was "Equinox" ! Since the 1970s this was a late night classic on TV. When VHS tapes were $49.99 and up - we rented "Equinox" many many times (the VHS tape was retitled "The Beast" and featured the giant gorilla monster on the cover).

  3. Interesting show. Nobody mentioned the fact that the famous sci-fi/fantasy writer Fritz Leiber is in the movie. Wish you would have asked the writer about that.